Piazza San Marcos – Venezia


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    1. I’ve been thinking on that for 2 days! The Parthenon was my favorite spot, thought I didn’t have time to enjoy the drawing. So, I would say the amazing view from Cristo Redentor RJ. The squares of Siena and Firenze (Signoria), the Pantheon of Rome, the National library of Stockholm and the Villa Adriana at Tivoli also still in my heart…

  1. Now I understand clearly the difference between drawing and taking a photo – I mean the photos we take without any preparation, not the real ones! If you draw the place somehow you take some of its magic with you and that will last forever. It’s clearly not the same thing if you instagram it or whatever – You are so lucky and gifted to be able to do what you do! πŸ™‚

    1. I should invite you to come and tell what you wrote to my students! Yes you’re right, I work everyday to be able to store “the magic” when I visit those places. I’m not sure if is a gift,though. I only regret not having drawn some other magical moments, like (linking to jazz) the yellow pyjamas of Cecil Taylor at Serralves πŸ™‚

      1. I saw him with the yellow pyjamas at TΓ‰NIS DO PARQUE DE SERRALVES, 1999. I know he wore that pyjamas several times. I saw him also in Guimaraes, 4 years later. were you there?! I love “vanguard” jazz!

      2. Noooo! i know you regret it but you should have drawn him! I saw him back in 77 in Espinho with his quintet! Amazing walls of sound – unforgettable!

      3. Wow! in 77 I didn’t even know what was jazz! It should have been really cool, all the Cecil energy I witness in Serralves, was, for sure, even stronger in the 70s! But yes, In Serralves, with the pyjamas, surrounded by that wonderful vegetation was wonderful! And it was just him and the piano! I should have drawn him as you say!

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