Drawing Review – from a 1000 likes – and Pause!

A couple of weeks ago I got 1000 likes on my blog!

I am delighted and so grateful for each one of the little “stars”!

I´m sorry , I´m not a good writer, though, I would like to dedicate some words to all my followers, thanking them and informing of the forced  temporary pause at “a fresh drawing…”, due to my PhD obligations.

Since 2010 (though sometimes it was not posible to post with the same rythm), I´m drawing everyday, therefore, I  would also like to display some of the most popular drawings on the blog, according to the presented categories:

Most rated ever:

1* http://wp.me/pLtki-10h * 650 / Florence, the astonishing winter view from Piazzale Michelangelo

2* http://wp.me/pLtki-1aH * 742 / Duomo Brunelleschi / Firenze

3* http://wp.me/pLtki-Px * Bar Gotico – Via dell’Orso – Roma

Most viewed ever:

1* http://wp.me/pLtki-1x * Public baths in Vals – Peter Zumthor

2* http://wp.me/pLtki-am * MAC – Niterói – Oscar Niemeyer

3* http://wp.me/pLtki-4y * Boa Nova tea house(Siza Vieira)-Leça da Palmeira

Most viewd last quarter of the year:

1* http://wp.me/pLtki-17V  * 713 / sailing & painting with the spinnaker up / Malvarrosa / Valencia

2* http://wp.me/pLtki-15M * 695 / Regata UPV – color scenes / Valencia

3* http://wp.me/pLtki-Zd * Museo B.A. Castellón / Valencia // Tuñon+Mansilla

Most viewd last 30 days:

1* http://wp.me/pLtki-1aZ * 745 / crowded Sunday beach / Pinedo / Valencia

2* http://wp.me/pLtki-1b2 * 746 / belly under the Sun / Pinedo / Valencia

3* http://wp.me/pLtki-1ba * 750 / Saturday at Playa Malvarrosa / Valencia

As you can see, your favorite subjects are “Architecture” and “Italy”!

Thanks again,

hope to come back soon,



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