1. steviepreater said:


  2. Wonderful sketch, Hugo. And of one of my favorite subjects.

  3. Hugo, I tried to find a way to reach you privately but could not. Would you allow us to use this image on a post at Via Lucis, featuring this drawing of Santiago de Compostela and having links to this site?

    • Dennis, off course you can , it an honnor for me!

      just write the reference https://hugobrc.wordpress.com, please.

      I´m glad you like it (I was going to paint it then, but my wife didn´t let me 🙂

      You may not believe but I somehow thought on your photos when when I was drawing it…

      Unfortunately, the scan quality is not very good ( done with the iphone!), because I don´t have my good scanner with me(I’m in Portugal now).

      I´ll post some more from Santiago, I hope you enjoy them too,



      • Wonderful, Hugo. I’m going to link back to your site and to that particular post. It will be up in a couple of days.

      • We’ll do a post soon, and it links to your site. Thanks, Hugo!

  4. Hugo, the post is up (http://wp.me/pNid9-3kT). But I was going through your posts, showing some of them to PJ and we came across the picture of you sketching on the boat. I would love to put that in the post. Do I have your permission? And who is the gentleman with you. (By the way, PJ was enthralled with your work and wants to know if you sell your sketches.)

    • Hi Dennis,

      I’m so sorry for taking so long to answer you back!

      Though that is not a good excuse, I’m finishing my Phd right now, what is making me really stressed…

      Thank you for showing my drawings to your friend.

      Of course you can publish the picture ( the gentlemen is Vicente, the owner and captain of the “Formidable”, the boat where I use to sail.)

      Concerning the sketches, the first goal of the blog was not to sell them, but since PJ is not the first to ask it, maybe I’ll change my mind.

      After handing my Phd I will think on that subject and you will be notified in first hand!

      Cheers and thanks again for your interest.

      • Hugo, we updated the post with the photo! Thanks.

  5. Also, Hugo, if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to buy that sketch of Santiago as a gift for PJ, if you ever decide to sell. Thanks.

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