1014 / Corte Pequena (3 drawings) / Mértola // Portugal

mértola 4 140 08_cort- peq- r_pmértola 4 14010_cort- peq- r_pmértola 4 14009_r_pCorte Pequena is a tiny little village near Mértola, that caught my attention for the humble and organic architecture of its dwellings. They were so simple, based on secular constructive traditions, thought totally adapted to the site and climatic conditions; they couldn’t be more efficient!

  1. i like the way you use the perspective for your drawings and your simple lines that gives new ideas for the viewer….and thank you for this post it’s very useful for learners and beginners.

    • Thanks! I was thinking in what you wrote, and what comes to my mind is that, in order to reach simple drawings and lines, we need a big conceptual and technical background. What do you think?

  2. Nice! I was in Portugal recently and walked through Corte Pequena – I have included a link to your site in my blog post – thank you

    • Thanks!! You went to Corte Pequena? Not a very touristy spot 🙂 Hope you liked it as much as I did! Cheers

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