1024/ Majestic / Rua de St Catarina // Porto

Back home, to Porto. Tourists are increasing every year. Some years ago, I remember going to the lovely Majestic cafe without any tourist sitting around.


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  1. Lovely drawing Hugo again, I know what you mean about tourists, unfortunately countries need the financial rewards that they bring with them, London has a population of 8 million usually, in the summer it is 18-20 million. Crowds are literally at a standstill crossing Westminster Bridge on its wide pavements. It is impossible to find a quiet spot without quickly being surrounded when I’m sketching.

    Loved the video David, very interesting.

    1. Oporto is not so crowded as London:) Anyway the center is much better now than 10 years ago, with the economic help of tourism it was able to finally rehabilitate a big part of the abandoned buildings. So is not so negative!

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