1. It’s a great drawing! it captures the movement and the colour! When it comes to snow, ice, cold and stuff like that I much prefer them on a photo, a video or on your drawings! BTW is it difficult to draw the snow? I ask you because I can see it – but I don’t know if you actually have drawn it? Is there a secret for that?

    • Thanks again! Although I do love snow, I’m not an expert on drawing it. I have a lot of drawings with the tag “Alps” but I don’t think they captured well the snow atmosphere. I was a “rookie” with the watercolor back then. Anyway, I think the most important element to draw snow, is what don’t draw or paint: the white. Although when it comes to Icy atmospheres this is particularly relevant, I can even generalize what I’ve just written to all Drawing: the most important of drawing is what we don’t draw, is like the silence in music…

      • I had figured it out that it should be something like that! 🙂

      • You can try it now, you know the theory! 🙂

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