1257 / the “greenest” drawing / plaza de Sant Bult / Valencia 

After de third session (the light changes quickly at the end of the day, so, I wasn’t able to do the sketch at the same session) I was able to finish my “greenest” drawing! The flash of light that crossed the square and the consequent contrast were very beautiful, but hard to photograph along with the sketch. This is a big sheet (42×29,7cm), although not very appropriate to watercolor. 

5 thoughts on “1257 / the “greenest” drawing / plaza de Sant Bult / Valencia 

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  1. this is beautiful… how long did it take to do? ( I would like to reference my own expectations of time when I work.) this has an exquisite sense of ease.. that I almost always project has having taken very little time.. but the line work makes me wake up and realize it may well have taken hours.

    1. Thanks a lot Tylara! I took about 3 hours , 1h30 to the line work and 1h30 to paint it. There is a lot of information to draw there, and this drawing sheet is a bigger than the ones I usually use.

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