1357 / NYC*the trip begins / VLC-MAD

Finally the trip to NYC begins! The girl that was next to me, made the most funny comments about my sketch ( she most probably will be reading this…) like: “what is it? A train?” Or “It is ugly, but it’s not bad! “. Definitely more original comments than “you’re an artist” 🙂 I’ll start a new # (#nybyhugo) that will identify my personal diary in NYC in the next 4 months. 


  1. Pedro Valente said:

    let’s start!

  2. Miú said:

    Uau, Hugo, parabéns! Quatro meses dá tempo para muitos desenhos… E com o teu sentido de perspectiva, vais apanhar o Chrysler inteirinho de uma penada!

    • Muito obrigado! Ainda estou a embarcar no voo MAD-NY e já tenho 4 desenhos 🙂 até à próxima!

  3. Ahahaha, funny ~ I think your sketching is super cool. Have a great time!

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