1373 / Morning at Soho / NYC

You may call me posh, but I do prefer #SOHO than China Town 🙂 where I’ve been this morning, on my way to #Parsons. The morning light at Soho was amazing, I had to Paint it! Here I can seat peacefully on #Y3 stairs and drawing while Chanel and Prada bags keep go by carry by fancy people. Maybe I was missing some neat surroundings, after cycling so many kilometers in my semi industrial, sometimes smelly, outskirts neighborhood (Don’t worry I still love living there and as well eating in China Town!). This time, two guys talked with me, in different moments. They were both Brazilians, one didn’t care about the drawing, the other, after doing some nice comments, asked me (in English) “Do you know how we say watercolor in Portuguese?” I answered “aguarela” 🙂 Then we started chatting in Portuguese…

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