1405 / Cyclone roller coaster / Coney Island // Brooklyn

Yesterday, at Coney Island, the famous classic touristic spot on the South of Brooklyn. Some people hate it, others love it. I was not sure to go there, but due so much insistence by some friends, I grabbed my bike, and after 2h30 ride (I got lost) arrived the Park. I must admit I didn’t like it, maybe because it was so cold and windy, besides all the attractions and the majority of the shops and bars were closed. I simples loved this roller coaster though, so challenging to sketch!  


8 thoughts on “1405 / Cyclone roller coaster / Coney Island // Brooklyn

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    1. Thanks a lot Michael! I’m not totally satisfied with this roller coaster drawing, though. I’m thinking on going the Coney Island again, only to repeat it! So I’m really glad you liked it!

      1. Hi Kyle, the price of the original ( lamy and pilot ink on Canson 150 lb/250 gr paper, 9in x12in/22,9×30,5cm) is $125. I can also send you a high quality digital image of the sketch ($10). Thanks!

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