1411 / Autumn at Prospect Park / NYC

I’m struggling to reach painting some resemblance of only a little part of the colors that Autumn reserves to this Park. Impossible, nature always wins! I not even dare to show you the picture of the real trees…


  1. This is wonderful! I really enjoy your mark making and use of washes/layers! It never looks this pleasing when I try watercolor! Beautiful work! 🙂

    • Thanks! I suffer a lot (really) to paint these landscapes, so it’s really good to read your comment!

  2. Diana said:

    A vida imita a arte mais do que a arte imita a vida…
    Lembrei de um querido dos meus, o Oscar Wilde 🙂

    • Impossível responder sem descer o excelso nível do teu comentário 🙂 Obrigado!

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