1412 / Are you an artist? / Staten Island / NYC

Hart Blv. At Staten Island. The ferry to #statenisland is always packed! Tourists use it to get close to the Statue of Liberty and for the great view of Manhattan, for free! (Yes, it’s free, incredible in NYC!) The horde arrive, and without even leaving the terminal, go back to the ferry, giving their back to the island! I went to explore and loved it: the isle is full of beautiful Victorian houses in nice hilly streets. This is one of the posh areas, as far as I could see. One guy asked me: “Are you an artist?” I answered: “No, I’m just a sketcher. He replied: “You should become an artist, you know why? ‘Cause you drew the house, the yard and the car and did a pretty god job!” “Maybe I’ll became an artist one day” I replied.


4 thoughts on “1412 / Are you an artist? / Staten Island / NYC

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    1. Always so accurate Pedro! You’re right. But the other, the classic, was way more beautiful!! There are a lot of them here (unfortunately the newer versions mainly).

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