1613 / Cetara / Amalfi Coast

Love Cetara: is popular, peaceful (although everyone is shouting!) , people know each other and are friendly. Not as many tourists as I was expecting. It’s a windsurf spot (unfortunately there isn’t any facility where to rent windsurf gear, I would love to sail there!).  The fish I ate was great and I got a lot of “complimenti” for the sketches and for the Portuguese Euro Cup victory ! It’s a shame that the beach was a bit dirty… Oh, I bought this new daler-rowney sketchbook (one of my favs) in Rome and made try this slightly different technic (what do you think?)

  1. J.C. said:

    I love this! teach me how to draw, how you do it! 🙂 I want to do this in my city….

  2. Wow! My favorite yet. I’d love to flip through your sketchbook.

    • Thanks!! I do love specially this one! Where are you from? Maybe I can show you some of my sketches one day!

      • We are originally from the States, Louisiana and Texas to be exact. Now we live in Taiwan!

  3. the italian language specialist said:

    bravo !

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