1620 / People at Amalfi cost beach

People at the rocky beach, from a nice terrazza while having lunch. Marina di Praia and Conca dei Marini. Why, at the beach, people tend to use all the same positions!?

  1. John said:

    Love these studies, so well observed with bags of character! Did you do these using a brush pen? so a great variation and sensitivity of line. I hope to hitting the beach for my summer holiday in a few weeks and I love the idea that I may be able to attempt some similar studies!

    • Thank you John! Yes, it is a Pentel brush pen. I’m looking forward for your studies! Loved your watercolors!

      • John said:

        Thanks Hugo much appreciated. I’ve got a Pentel brush pen and your work has definitely inspired me to make better use of it (although looks like you have blue ink in yours and I’ve only ever found black?)

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