1625 / At the beach / Conca dei Marini 

This time I couldn’t resist and went to the beach (one of my favorite in the coast)! Usually, I’m sketching (and sweating under the sun) while everyone has his feet on the water! After a jump in the crystal clear water, I decided to sketch the houses. Nevertheless, umbrellas started to pop up in front of me! I rented one too, and sketched under the shadow. Louis Khan was here in 1929. I keep following his sketches and finding awesome places, unbelievably preserved as almost 90 years ago! 

3 thoughts on “1625 / At the beach / Conca dei Marini 

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  1. I really enjoy looking at your drawings! I am doing something new every day this year but not many of the new things are as successful as your artwork! And I am so impressed if you have kept it up for 6.5 years. Inspiring!

    1. Thanks! Already 6,5 years!! You’re right! As you can check my drawings have improved since then and they where not so successful at the beginning 🙂 I’m glad they inspire you. Good luck, just let me know!

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