1664 / Run-flat sketch / on the road

Yesterday when leaving Madrid, I felt something weird on the car wheel. We stopped and saw a big screw on the tire. As these are run-flat tires (there is no spare wheel) we can still run with them, even if they loose pressure; the bad news is that we should not go faster than 80 km/h. So, we took more than 5 hours to make 400 km. I had plenty of time to sketch, until the sunset, when it was too dark to go on…

  1. Troy T. said:

    Wow, this one is different, I like it! Sorry about the circumstances that lead to the opportunity for this drawing, but you appear to have made the best of a bad situation

    • Thanks Troy! Yes, I never get bored with my sketch book 🙂

  2. whenlifeisgood said:

    Ah! This I like. Is that a small bird on the keyring?

    • Thank you! You’re right it looks a bird, but it is a fruit on the key ring.

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