1783 / Huerta on Winter (color) / Valencia 

This afternoon, I’ve finished yesterday’s sketch. Here, the drama was: “how to paint all these colors without resulting in a cheesy drawing?” I would love to have painted that red car though , (you know how I love some red spots ) but it showed up when I was already finishing the sketch…

This is not a proper paper for big washes, as evidenced by the poor sky…

…and all the gear I’ve used this morning! This new #Escoda brushes are really great! As well the new #schmincke #watercolors!

4 thoughts on “1783 / Huerta on Winter (color) / Valencia 

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  1. PS 1- Afinal eu respondi devidamente aos teus simpáticos comentários (no meu blogue). Bem me parecia! Mas como tu alegavas que não, fiquei a pensar se seriam outros, eheh!
    PS 2- Ah, que “painting gear” impressionante!

    1. Olá, expliquei-me mal: eu disse que tinha comentado alguns desenhos de Leça, mas, por erro meu, os comentários não tinham ficado registados. Obrigado 🙂 Prenda dos Reis Magos!

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