2234 / Calle Avellas*fisheye / Valencia

One more session to finish these sketches at Calle Avellanas. It was the 4th and final session. I started with the #uniball pen and then added the dark values with the grey and black #pentelbrushpen. #strathmorepaper 👉swipe to see some process pics.

  1. Anna said:

    Your sketches are impressive! How much time does it take you to create such drawing? Also, is this a sketchbook, or you just use 2 A4 papers and pin them to cardboard on which you draw?

    • Hi!! Thanks so much!! These 2, round 4 hours. They are 2 different papers, and they have 43Ă—35 cm. So, in total the sketch is 86 cm wide 🙂

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