2616 / Vilnius / Lithuania

Although I  am currently drawing all day in NYC, I still have a bunch of sketches from Lithuania,  like this panorama at one of main Vilnius square. You can slide for the process drawings and video. I’ve done this process pics so my students at the workshop could understand it. Hope it is helpful? Now I’ll go back to the jungle!Preparation sketch to the workshop in Vilnius. Thanks for all the came and keep on sketching!
Slide for the process pics!

#lamysafary F and #Promarker at @smltart  watercolor paper

2 thoughts on “2616 / Vilnius / Lithuania

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  1. It looks wonderful. I love how you do that perspective, looking down 2 roads. It’s embracing the whole square in a really great way! Do you do any perspective lines at the beginning, or is it all intuitive to you? It seems very complex.

    1. Hi Ruth! Thanks so much for your feedback! I do it intuitively, as you can see on the first drawings. It is jus a lot of practice and once you understand perspective you can start playing with it! 🙂

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