From Porto to Amsterdam rooftops!
I am so excited and honoured to be selected to teach among the sketch Goddesses and Gods at the 2019#urbansketchers symposium. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity!! Looking forward to see you in AmsterdamūüĖĆRegistration starts on¬†February 2nd, 2019.hugo apresenta√ß√£o r .jpg

Issue 04 of GRAPHITE is out now! London based #graphite magazine published one article where I talk about my process of drawing and gear I use, featuring some sketches done at Valencia for this magazine. The Magazine looks so nice: congrats to the editor, designers and all Graphite members!




Louis Khan’s office was at the 3rd floor of this building at the center of Philadelphia. I was really excited to be the there, where one of the big architecture masters used to work

When I was a kid I had this dream to see an NBA game. Finally I’m realizing it! The usual option would be a NY Nicks game, but I feel more like a brooklyner now , so here I was supporting the Nets against the Sixers! I wish I could have had the time to paint it, besides the light was awful to take the picture, so here is the possible image to register that moment!¬†¬†

The shadows of an anonymous building. This dark areas suggest forms rather than defining them…

The “dark side” is not a moral concept in this post but a graphic one!

Definición de las formas de un edificio a través de sus sombras proyectadas.

Using watercolor while sailing (in a cold and humid environment) is a bit tricky because it takes ages to get dry!


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