1407 / Under the beams of Myrtle Train Station / Brooklyn // NYC

Yesterday at Myrtle/Broadway, Brooklyn. Back to my Beloved beams and chaotic atmosphere: police sirens, works on the road, subway breaking screech, all the  kind of automobile horns and a miscellaneous of people, some really strange! All this, under the sound of the loud music coming from the corner store. I was sit on my bike that was supported by the Dunkin’ Donuts window. Next to me, a lady, that opened the Dunkin’s door to costumers waiting for some coins in return, told me “You just did this? All this? Amazing!” Thanks for your comment!! (It was impossible to make the picture, due the high contrasting light)


1389 / That’s sick, dude! / Bushwick / Brooklyn 

Stockholm St. / Knickerbocker Ave / Brooklyn / NYC

My first sketch at the new watercolor sketchbook that moleskine kindly offered me! When I was finishing the drawing  I heard, “that’s sick, dude! You’re killing it!” I was not quite sure if it a was positive comment. I stared at him, then (maybe he realized my surprised face) he said: “good job!” I smiled and answered “thanks a lot dude!”

1380 / Broadway subway / Bushick / Brooklyn 

I told you before, I’m obsessed with this #subway beam intersections. I didn’t have time neither to paint , nor to photograph it (too dark). I’ll try to go there another day and watercolor it. Here, colors and light are amazing! Also the multicultural atmosphere, people talked to me in English and Spanish. young Americans called me “bro” or “man” and a Spanish speaking lady called me “papi”. The best comments I remember were: “wow! you really got it for detail” or, if you paint it and put it next to here, it’s gonna be like reality!” (it was said in Spanish).


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