2016 / Barracas at Fuzelhas / Leça da Palmeira 

At the North of Portugal, beaches are quite particular, very beautiful although usually windy and cold. So “going to the beach” is also a different concept. People carry wind-protections or rent this “barracas” so much present on my Summer memories. Trying new #kuretake brush pen: great first impression! 


1876 / Piscina da Quinta da Conceição / Leça da Palmeira

Quinta da Conceição: Swimming pool entrance (Alvaro Siza). This forms always intrigued me, since I was a little boy. I recall felling something special when coming to this place with my aunt and grandmother.

1531 / O Batô / Leça da Palmeira

At Largo do Castelo, Leça da Palmeira. Here, more precisely at “O Batô” several generators, including me as a teen, spent a lot of great nights, dancing at the sound of the best music from the DJ Zéquinha…


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