Love Canon at Bar Lunàtico, Brooklyn. Signed by all the musicians! Thank you! My flight to London was delayed, so, instead of waiting at the airport, I  went to the great “Lunàtico” to listen and sketch this awesome band! Thanks Rachel for letting me your phone to make this picture!



Great jazz show, last week at the UPV. Lucía Martinez Quartet, is formed by the drummer that leads and gives the name at the Band, and 3 Portuguese form Oporto, Pedro Neves (piano), João Pedro Brandão (saxo) and Carl Minnemann (bass). 

Beautiful performance yesterday at Smalls jazz club. Joe Magnarelli Quartet performance was amazing and unforgettable! I forgot my little and more discreet moleskine I usually carry to jazz nights, so I had to use the big one; not so bad, I thought, I can use watercolor at this one.


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