1254 / The second Temple of Hera / Paestum

I did these sketches when I was, in March, at Campania, Italy.

Next to Salerno, Paestum contains some of the most well-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world. This one is called “The second Temple of Hera”. It is a highly recommend spot to visit! When I draw amazing buildings like this I always think: “have I the right to do it?!

hugo des 3-14 salerno-paestum006_r21

1213 / Night sketch at via Dogana Vecchia / Salerno // Italy

hugo des 3-14 salerno-017_r22pis iq salerno-r

(Scanned Sketch + night pic)

Salerno is a quite a safe place, where one can peacefully draw at the middle of the night. This is one of my favorite streets at the old town, featuring this old ( maybe Roman ) arc and pillars.

Graphically, I am in love with this combination between the Lamy nib and Canson sketch book!

The black sky was done with the nice and wide pilot paralell 3.8mm (leaving the white surface of the paper to define the antennas).

1209 / lecturing at Salerno / Italy

This morning, lecturing at Salerno. Thanks to the students of Salerno’s University of Architecture for inviting me to lunch and pay my bill…again! I’ve found nothing but nice people in this city!
One old lady made me the nicest comment ever: she said something like “I don’t know nothing about drawing but this one really transmits me nice emotions” (It sounded even better in Italian). As I said before, people are nice in Salerno.

We were drawing the Complesso archeologico di San Pietro a Corte.

By the way, the romanic tower was really inclined! (not a sketch error!)


1208 / Il Duca: The real Margherita / Salerno // Italy

Eating a real margherita, at Il Duca Salerno. I’m close to Naples, pizza’s home land, where they are simple and tasteful; and also cheap, even cheaper than I thought, cause when I showed the sketch to the owner, he made me a discount! Highly recomended: nice atmosphere, nice food and nice staff! Grazie Il Duca!


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