When I was a kid I had this dream to see an NBA game. Finally I’m realizing it! The usual option would be a NY Nicks game, but I feel more like a brooklyner now , so here I was supporting the Nets against the Sixers! I wish I could have had the time to paint it, besides the light was awful to take the picture, so here is the possible image to register that moment!  

Second drawing at the sketchcrawl in Patraix, done with a calligraphy lamy and a Pilot Parallel. I think that the best parts of sketch are the dog and men with the pipe (at the zoom). What do you think?

hugo 1-2-15_patraix 002_r22psi

hugo 1-2-15_patraix 002_D R50

The sketchcrawl number 46 meeting was held yesterday at Patraix, Valencia. It was the most crowded sketchcrawl meeting in this city, since we started this sketching activity.

I was a bit nervous, because there was a lot of people chatting with me while I was drawing; as you can see in pic, I think that influenced me with the (bad) proportions of some parts of the sketch…


hugo 10 45 skc 14001_rps20This was my first morning sketch at the 45th world wide sketchcrawl, done at the Train Station, looking at the City Hall. At my daily “research” on drawing, I’m now trying bigger formats in urban sketches: this is one of the new experiences (42×29,7cm).

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