2604 / ETSAV stairs / Valencia

Another drawing exam with my @etsaupv students. This time the Interior design degree students. What is the best way to spend your time while your students are sketching? Sketching with them it’s a good solution, don’t you think? Besides, I think it his always good that your students see you also sketching. Also, now, after sketching it, I know this space by heart and it will be much easier and accurate to grade it!
Slide for the process pics


Lamy safary and @rk.spain ink / Caballo Paper

2602 / Fisher House, Louis Khan, 2nd sketch / Philadelphia

In spite of the freezing cold, I did a second sketch of the amazing #fisherhouse (see last post). I was so exciting to be there, after sketching it with my students (by reference pictures and plans) so many times! The house is divided in 2 “cubic” volumes: the one on right featuring the iconic double height living room (pic. 2) and kitchen.  On the left you can find the bed rooms and the entrance featuring (maybe) the best volume Intersection on history of architecture? What is the opinion of my architect followers?

2601 / Fisher House / Pensylvania

Do you have any favorite house? This one is one of my favourite for sure! The Fisher House was designed in the 60’s by Louis Khan. Some say Kahn was influenced by the fishermen houses he drew at Amalfi coast in his Grand Tour trip in 1929/30.

2600 / Exhibition in NYC streets

It was sooo exciting walking around NYC from Manhattan to Brooklyn and spot my drawings all over the city!! They were randomly popping out on all the (round) 2000 Link NYC screens . Did any of NYC followers spotted them?

2599 / Largo da Fontinha / Porto

View from Largo da Fontinha, Porto. I started this sketch in a #usk meeting and finished yesterday. Oporto isn’t always grey in Winter time:)
 slide to the BW version, what do you prefer?
pic #samsunggalaxynote10plus,
#staedler and #uniball  on #hahnemühle watercolor A5 landscape sketch book.

2597 / Street at Xátiva old town / Spain

Sketching in the centre of Xátiva,  with the @uskvalencia, right before the sunset. I had to be fast because I was literally in the middle of the street. Would you risk your life just for a better drawing angle:) ? Slide for the detail and vídeo.
Lamy EF and Lamy ink on @seawhiteofbrighton sketchbook.

2596 / Xàtiva Castle / Valencia

#usk meeting at the amazing Xátiva Castle So nice to be back to these meetings! How cool is sketching with other sketchers? Don’t you think?
Lamy F y @rk.spain on @hahnemuehle_global

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