1560 / Castello Estense / Ferrara // Italy

Castello Estense de Ferrara. (Almost) the last sketch at the  drawing marathon meeting for the 4th edition of “Diario di Viaggio”. This time, I used a different watercolor paper (more absorbent): colors tend to be less intense, but ink surfaces are more homogeneous.

881 / Red light in January / Valencia

One more sketch while waiting at the traffic lights. I´m realizing that new cars (or their organic forms) are getting harder and harder to draw (in 1 or. 2 minutes the traffic lights allow).  It is much easier to draw an old Fiat Panda or an Opel Kadett!

The funny, though odd thing is that I drive chasing the cars I´ve already drawn, so I can finish them…

hugo_31-1-2014_red light004_r_p

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