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I did it two long sessions (round 4 hours in total), I think this one is done ( maybe I should paint the blue Portuguese sky?).


On Location drawing, done directly with ink and painted with watercolor.

Finished it with my new #qor #watercolors. 

Another beach sketch. I’ve drawn these guys so many times! They came every summer and get together under this set of umbrellas. This time I mixed watercolor with the pentelbrushpen on canson sketchbook.

April the 25th, is an iconic day in Portugal. It is known as “liberty day”, since 43 years ago, a long dictatorship was abolished by the so called “carnation revolution”. I was very lucky, I was born in Democracy: I’ll be thankful for that all my life!


The beautiful and touristy Praça da Ribeira at Porto, also called as Praça do Cubo. I was not very happy with this one, but I showed it to the great sketcher @joaopauloalbergaria that gave me his agreement to post it 🙂

Triumph TR3 Night sketch in very nice company chez Tazab, merci!

Once a year, in Clermont Ferrand, a group of sketchers get together to draw a classic car. I was lucky to be invited this year to sketch the lovely 1958 Triumph!

Some of them have special gear to sketch at night, like fancy glasses with LED light!


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