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At the North of Portugal, beaches are quite particular, very beautiful although usually windy and cold. So “going to the beach” is also a different concept. People carry wind-protections or rent this “barracas” so much present on my Summer memories. Trying new #kuretake brush pen: great first impression! 


End of the day at Conca dei Marini, Amalfi Coast. Jackie Kennedy used to stay in one of theses houses, we can even find a “spaghetti alla Jacqueline” in one of the restaurants (with bacon, of course).

Another watercolor of one of my favorite beaches at Amalfi, Conca dei Marini. This time in Canson paper and fewer outline definition than usual. By the way, while I was eating at the nice restaurant’s esplanade, I was told that Jackie Kennedy used to rent a house in this beach for her vacations and Sophia Loren used to own a Villa here.

Spiaggia (beach) della Crestarella. Vetri Sul Mare. Amalfi Coast. This morning, I decided walking till the first nice beach close to Salerno. After 5km and 1h30 walk I arrived this one… I don’t know what was the best part, diving into the sea or the mozzarella and tomato sandwich! BTW, in realizing that outside urban spots, I tend to use the pencil.

Weekly blue sketch at the beach.I love this Pentel brush! 

This guys were drinking beer and mojitos at the beach while I was sketching them ( they looked happier than me… 🙂 

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