2016 / Barracas at Fuzelhas / Leça da Palmeira 

At the North of Portugal, beaches are quite particular, very beautiful although usually windy and cold. So “going to the beach” is also a different concept. People carry wind-protections or rent this “barracas” so much present on my Summer memories. Trying new #kuretake brush pen: great first impression! 


1649 / Hill Houses/  Conca dei Marini // Amalfi

End of the day at Conca dei Marini, Amalfi Coast. Jackie Kennedy used to stay in one of theses houses, we can even find a “spaghetti alla Jacqueline” in one of the restaurants (with bacon, of course).

1638 / Conca dei Marini fishermen house / Amalfi

Another watercolor of one of my favorite beaches at Amalfi, Conca dei Marini. This time in Canson paper and fewer outline definition than usual. By the way, while I was eating at the nice restaurant’s esplanade, I was told that Jackie Kennedy used to rent a house in this beach for her vacations and Sophia Loren used to own a Villa here.

1608 / Spiaggia della Crestarella / Amalfi

Spiaggia (beach) della Crestarella. Vetri Sul Mare. Amalfi Coast. This morning, I decided walking till the first nice beach close to Salerno. After 5km and 1h30 walk I arrived this one… I don’t know what was the best part, diving into the sea or the mozzarella and tomato sandwich! BTW, in realizing that outside urban spots, I tend to use the pencil.

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