2208 / Sierra bar / Valencia

When people in Valencia go cycle in the mountains, they usually stop in some bar, like this one in Serra, to have a big “almuerzo”, usually a huge sandwich and beer or wine… and of course, some peanuts and olives. It takes a while to eat all that, so I always have time to sketch before jumping to the bicycle again. #micronpen on #moleskine #sketchbook

1381 / Rain and jumping wheel / Williamsburg / Brooklyn

This morning, my bike wheel just jumped off the frame! I had forgotten to tighten it after changing the tube! This nice (south-American) guy with the yellow helmet, let me the tools to fix it. (you can really see oil on my nails!) Then, to make the morning tougher, raining started to fall. No problem, I just sat under a awning and drew my Spanish speaking “friend”; he deserved it… Conclusion: About two hours to arrive to Parsons School, wet feet, and the first drawing of the day on #mymoleskine!  

And the final and scanned version of my “friend”-the-yellow-helmet-worker sketch. When I scan my drawings, I “see” them in different perspective, and I’m usually very critical with the result. I don’t usually retouch them, thought, as a principle. Nevertheless, in this case, there were too many unfinished shadows, that I added after the first scanning.

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