1010 / Classic Renault 4 at Pomarão / Portugal

r4_pomarao_rpsAt my last visit to Portugal,I was invited to a “drawing workshop”, organized by my friend Rui Cunha.
On the last afternoon of the course, after a couple of days of drawing buildings and landscape, I gazed this (irresistible) lovely orange Renault 4.
A few minutes after starting the sketch, I was surprised by the owner, that receptive to the drawing (later I realized he was also an architect)  gently waited, so I could carry on; and even offered me a beer and a good chat! For this moments, it is worth drawing! Thanks João!

Na minha última visita a Portugal, fui convidado para um “workshop de desenho”, organizado pelo meu amigo Rui Cunha.
Na última tarde da workshop, após alguns dias desenhando edifícios e paisagens, reparei neste fantástico (irresistível) Renault 4 cor-de-laranja!
Pouco depois de começar o desenho, fui surpreeendido com a chegada do proprietário, que sensibilizado com o desenho (mais tarde vim a saber que também era arquitecto), gentilmente esperou para que eu pudesse continuar; ainda me ofereceu uma cerveja e um boa conversa! É por estes momentos que vale a pena desenhar! Obrigado João!

941 / Golf also have mechanical problems / Mértola // Portugal

I did this sketch while the mechanics were trying to fix the broken water tube at the Golf’s engine.

The car lost all the water at the reservoir, so we had to call for a crane and a taxi (an MB w124 from 1985). Th crane was driven by Sr. Gilberto and the Taxi by his wife (for her the gear box was almost an useless element!! I was so astonished that I couldn´t draw the interior of the MB).

But I didn´t miss the Iveco (the crane), although fighting with the sunlight that was about to disappear….

desenho viajem reboque_r_p_s

933 / another view of “O pulo do lobo” / Mértola // Portugal

“O Pulo do Lobo” means the jump of the wolf. People say that a wolf can cross the river Guadiana at this point with a simple jump. Geologically this is an amazing place where the rocks change from white to black and the water displays brown and golden reflections due to sulfur and other natural elements.

“O Pulo do Lobo” significa o salto do lobo. As pessoas dizem que um lobo pode atravessar o rio Guadiana neste ponto com um salto simples. Geologicamente este é um lugar incrível onde as pedras mudam de branco para preto e a água tem reflexos dourados e castanhos devido ao enxofre e outros elementos naturais.

desenho em viajem004_b_r_p

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