2080 / My first book!

// My first book (English/Spanish) is finally available to purchase at the link at the bottom.Yes! At the same link you can take a peak to the first pages of the book ( at “índice y primeras páginas”).

BTW, the book has been nominated to the International Travel Book Award of the next 18th Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand!

// Mi primer libro está finalmente disponible para venta en el link abajo. Bien! En el mismo link podeis ver las primeras páginas del libro.

// O meu primeiro livro está finalmente disponível no enlace disponível no link :


1450 / Jewish neighborhood / Williambsburg / NYC 

At the Jewish neighborhood in Williamsburg where I was surprised with so many Orthodox Jew and odd cantilevered structures on the houses. I felt “in another world”! Great motif to sketch, so visually rich ! I’ve never had so many comments in my life! Apart of the “normal comments”, like “that’s beautiful”, they asked a lot what was the point of drawing there and if was going to sell, or make money with it! I had the sensation that, in general, the comments were more “practical”.

In general, they were very nice and curious and at the same time discreet.  

1399 / Street at Red Hook / NYC 

Street at #redhook, close to Valentino Pier. Just before the dawn. The light was so beautiful when I started the drawing, not exactly as when I did the picture. At this time of the day, light changes in every second. I had a lot of nice and funny comments here: “that’s hot, that’s detail on the top of detail”. “Once you finish, you got a sell it!” “You got a f*****g talent, Damn, f*****g amazing, you got this f*****g van!” 🙂  

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