1711 / From Roberto Cavalli to Palazzo Strozzi / Firenze

In Florence, at Via de’ Tornabuoni, in between roberto Cavalli an Bulgari stores, facing Palazzo Strozzi. This palace, located in the heart of Florence, is one of the finest examples of private Renaissance architecture in this city.

According to Palazzo Strozzi Foundation‘s website, it was commissioned by the Florentine merchant Filippo Strozzi and the foundations were laid in 1489 according to a design by Benedetto da Maiano.¬† A year later the project was given to¬†Simone del Pollaiolo, known as Cronaca, who worked on it until 1504 but the Palazzo was only finally finished in 1538. The Palazzo remained the property of the Strozzi family until 1937, and since 1999 it has been managed City of Florence.

1677 / Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi / Italy

Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. It was moving to see the tomb of the Saint and it was overwhelming to be next to the 28 Giotto frescoes along the lower part of the upper basilica nave! The Pope is coming tomorrow to Assisi, so the city is crowded! I lot of people asked it they could take a picture of me while I was drawing.  Still no Sun, so no watercolor.

1606 / Piazza del Duomo / Salerno

Yesterday I tried to finish this sketch under the moon (and electric) light. Nevertheless, I was unable to gather some details of the magnificence Palazzo at the square. So, I returned there this afternoon, as well the old men on the plastic chairs.

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