1713 / Plaza Lope de Vega in A3 /  Valencia 

 Sunlight crosses those background facades, creating beautiful shadows; but only for 30 minutes. That’s why I had to go there twice, at the right hour, to paint it… ( at the first time, the sunlight disappeared before I finished the  watercolor ) .

1712 / Calle Sabateria dels Xiquets (scanned version) / Valencia

Last weekend I posted a video of this sketch. Back then, I forgot to a take the usual “on site” picture, so, I am uploading now the scanned version.


Um dos muitos desenhos dos que tento realizar diariamente pelas ruas de Valencia.

Neste caso  na Praça Mare de deu de la Pau, no centro histórico.

Fui ao mesmo sítio, uns dias depois, para pintá-lo com aguarela, mas infelizmente perdi a folha  pelo caminho…


I found this old sketchbook that I’m enjoying very much where I drew one of my favorites squares in Valencia; maybe because of its shape, maybe because of the “Lonja” influence or… is it the fantastic olive tree near the “Café Lisboa”?


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