837 / Rua Sá da Bandeira / Porto


This is the vision I get, when I put the feet on the sidewalk, leaving from my house at Oporto: It is a strange combination of nice modern buildings from the middle XXs and the Neo classic church. All the constructions have a strong urban alignment, except the religious building, giving that corner a strange tension that is emphasized by the horizontal and vertical contrasting proportions of the other two buildings I love (both from great Portuguese architects).

The higher one, from the Architects Pádua Ramos and Carlos Loureiro, was the first large-scale structure in this city using reinforced concrete. The other is one from one of my favourite Portuguese architects: Arménio Losa.

2013-12-001_sa da bandeir_r_p copia

777 / Ponte da Arrábida – 50 years old // Porto

AGOSTO13010_arrabida_r_p_sAGOSTO13010_arrabida_r_p-d The Arrábida bridge has recently reached 5O years old! The great work of Edgar Cardoso was, at the time of its construction, the biggest reinforced concrete arch in the world, spanning the gorge of the Douro river!

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