1050 / Students at the UPV / Valencia // Spain

hugo_09-14002_upv_rpsThis morning while drinking an orange juice, I drew this french and spanish students. The fat lady was done a couple of days ago at Pobla de Valbona, though also with an orange juice in my left hand. Is not in vain that Valencia is famous for this fruit!

862 / Porsche 911 S ( and the process / how to do it…)

After 861 drawings, I´ve broken one of the rules of this Blog: NOT TO DRAW BY PHOTO.

I had a commission from a friend to draw a classic Porsche, that I couldn’t find in Valencia, so I was forced to break the rule…

Thank you PX125R.

Depois de 861 desenhos, hoje desrespeitei uma das regras deste Blog: Nao desenhar desde fotografia.

Um amigo pediu-me um desenho de Porsche clássico que nao conseguia encontrar em Valencia, fui assim forçado a quebrar a regra….



108 / Marina Abramovic at the MOMA , New York

Performance «The Artist Is Present»

Visitors were encouraged to sit silently in the chair across from the artist for a duration of their choosing, becoming participants in the artwork.  The Artist Is Present is Abramovic’s longest performance to date.


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