1459 / Drawing at the sound of Dylan / Union Square // NYC 

Christmas Market at Union Square. I found this sunny spot and a good sound track, coming from this leather jacket guy’s cassette player. While he was selling illustrations, played the harmonica at the sound of Bob Dylan music. I was enjoying it: the music, the Sun and NYC.


1133 / Merry Christmas // Sketchbook tree /

A couple of months ago,  my friend “Jazz to you” (http://wp.me/4J5eg), asked me how many sketchbooks I had.

I told him I had no idea, and promised him to make a photo of them!

Finally I was able to join (almost) all of them (I´m not very organized, and some of them were spread between Oporto and Valencia), and build a Christmas Sketchbook tree!

Merry Christmas and thanks for following!


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