2117 / Huerta Norte in the morning / Valencia

I’ve finished this watercolor at the “Huerta” I had started one month ago. I’ve realized how nature changed in these 30 days! #qor, #schmincke and #winsorandnewton #watercolor on #archespaper #comunitatvalenciana #huertavalenciana

2114 / The twingo at Burjassot / Valencia

I’ve done this one in two sessions. The first one I was forced to stop due to an agricultural tractor.

I love the cables, lamps, textures and forms of the buildings at this landscape.

The light at the end of the day was amazing!

#lamy and #pentelbrushpen on #cansonsketchbook

2109 / Confeitaria Cunha / Porto

Happy new year from #porto !!! Nothing better to finish the year than sketching at one of the most beautiful bars I know #confeitariacunha with the great sketcher @joaopauloalbergaria. The snack bar was designed by the architects Victor Palla and Bento d’Almeida (1970-1973) and is at risk of being demolished! #uniball #fabercastell and #watercolor

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