1529 / Swimming pool / Leça da Palmeira 

I’ve done a lot of sketches of this iconic Alvaro Siza’s swimming pool (Piscina das marés). This time, big waves were hitting the rocks and invading the pools, reinforcing the relationship and integration of the building and the site. The powerful wind dramatized even more the atmosphere…



1309 / Piscina das Marés / Leça da Palmeira

I think I´ve never painted with such high humidity level. We can notice that on the watercolor stains. Although it is Summer, it was cold and windy, as (almost) always in Leça da Palmeira, at the end of the day.

I finished the watercolor when the brush felt , beneath me, into the (already closed)  swimming pool area!

Acho que nunca tinha pintado com um nível tão alto de humidade. Pode-se vêr o efeito dessa humidade nalgumas manchas de aguarela. Apesar de ser Verão, este foi um fim de tarde frio e ventoso, como (quase) todos em Leça da Palmeira.

A aguarela terminou, quando deixei cair o pincel, no recinto da piscina, que já estava fechado.

leça piscina marés_r25_psi

837 / Rua Sá da Bandeira / Porto


This is the vision I get, when I put the feet on the sidewalk, leaving from my house at Oporto: It is a strange combination of nice modern buildings from the middle XXs and the Neo classic church. All the constructions have a strong urban alignment, except the religious building, giving that corner a strange tension that is emphasized by the horizontal and vertical contrasting proportions of the other two buildings I love (both from great Portuguese architects).

The higher one, from the Architects Pádua Ramos and Carlos Loureiro, was the first large-scale structure in this city using reinforced concrete. The other is one from one of my favourite Portuguese architects: Arménio Losa.

2013-12-001_sa da bandeir_r_p copia

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