1512 / Yo la tengo at Kings Theatre / Brooklyn / NYC 

Yo la tengo show at Kings Theatre, last October. I had this unpublished sketch on my little Moleskine. Yo la tengo (one of my favorite bands) was celebrating their 30th anniversary on that magnificent Brooklyn theatre.  

rescanned drawings + surviving kit


I´m trying to improve the quality of some posted images, so I´ve just rescanned and edit these recent posts. They look much better to me, I hope they have the same effect on you!

849 / Merry Christmas from rainy and windy Porto!

851 / This morning at Old Town / Porto:

862 / Porsche 911 S ( and the process / how to do it…)

By the way: there is also a pic of a part of my surviving kit (Kit de sobrevivência) 🙂

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