1002 / Playa del Albir / Altea // Spain

albir -7-14 002_rps 20 m sketch (roller-ball + Winsor & Newton watercolor on Guarro paper)albir -7-14 002_d

The detail displays my personal and unpretentious interpretation of Altea old town.

En el detalle se puede ver una de mi interpretación personal (sin pretensiones) del casco antiguo de Altea.

No detalhe pode-se observar a minha interpretação muito pessoal (sem pretensões) do casco antigo de Altea)


altea -6-14 001a_rpsFamily house at Altea: I’ve drawn this composition a couple of times. It won’t be the last, for sure: I’m not happy with the tonal values and the lack of contrast. The next time, I will try to do it with brighter colors …

Casa de mi familia en Altea, proyectada en los años 50 por el abuelo de mi mujer: Dibujé esta vista ya bastente veces. No será la última, seguro. No me quedé contento com los tonos y la flata de contraste. La próxima vez intentaré pintarlo com colores más brillantes…

992 / Mehari at the sidewalk / Campomanes // Altea

altea -6-14 002_mehari-rps At the Beach of Campomanes the sidewalks are often used to park the car, so people have to walk on the street. Strange urban reversal functions. If the car is a lovely orange Mehari like this one, I can excuse it (almost!)….

Cintroën DS I found parked in Altea – Spain

One of my favorite cars ever!  …the design is just perfect!

My dear uncle”Quim” owned one, and I just loved when he invited me to go for a ride on the DS (so this drawing is a little homage to him, that just passed away a few months ago).

I remember how comfortable and fast it was, but what I really liked were all  the design details like the steering wheel.

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