2609 / Marrakesh Workshop

Coming soon!! I am so excited to teach a workshop in the amazing Marrakech. The sketching retreat is being organised by locals – @morocco_ecoway – and will be held in between 14-22 March 2022.

All the details on this link: https://morocco-ecoway.com/workshops-detail.php?nom=A-fresh-drawing-everyday-with-Hugo-Barros-Costa&i=25

2608 / Storyboard / Brooklyn NYC

Sunday at the office in #brooklyn. I barely post pictures of me , but when a great photographer like Lloyd Cederstrand  sends you this pictures, it is hard to resist! Almost finishing the first part of the new #storyboard with @jeremiah_zagar . It was so exciting to arrive here and see they still had the first storyboard ( for “We The Animals”) on the the wall (left) . Sorry for the mess @publicrecordtv !!

2607 / Workshop in KEA / Greece




MAY 11-15 2022




The complex includes five self-catering houses, completely independent of each other. In front of the houses is a large 25 meters long swimming pool, with large pergolas, a large deck area for sunbathing, offering a fantastic sea and sunset view. Tetrapolis Keos is the ideal place for holiday and relaxation.  

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des_hugo_sifnos_07_20210002_100 L .jpg

Painting sessions take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and beautiful outdoor locations around the island. This workshop in Kea is designed to give you confidence and enjoy sketching and painting wherever you are, gazing at white Greek village, natural landscapes or the way light is casted in an ancient ruin. Throughout the course we’ll work spontaneously in a variety of themes, where I’ll show you to learn to see the world by drawing, how to compose and structure your drawings and to keep your watercolors fresh and alive.

Each day will start with a short demo and end with a critique, while sitting in a beautiful location, as an ancient theatre or a Mediterranean beach. We will work progressively, from simple to complex scenes, from line to values, from one color to richer color schemes. As part of a small group, you’ll have plenty of individual attention as we work, allowing you to develop at your own pace concepts as composition, perspective, simplifying a scene or capturing the essence of a place. There will be different approaches in each location adapted for beginners or advanced sketchers. We’ll focus on having fun while we sketch, recording as much as we can as we move around town.


The aim is to have you return home with great memories on fat book filled with personal sketches. After this workshop, as you will learn to see Kea through your drawings, I am sure this island will become even more beautiful. 

2562 / Museo Bellas Artes Valencia

Comission sketch for the #museobellasartesvalencia , one of my favourite buildings to visit in Valencia. I love the light at the main facade at the end of the day. This light doesn’t last too much time, so I had to do it in two different days.
I wanted to sketch this view for a long time. It is done from the former river that now is a beautiful garden  where I usually jog and ride my bycicle.

2560 / Calle San Vicente from above / Valencia

I’ve been finishing  this “Spiderman” perspective at the centre of Valencia.
I think I will stop here, or maybe I should define it a little bit more ? Or draw Spiderman climbing one of these walls? 🙂
#usktalkschallenge #extremeperspective

Swipe for the process pic and the video where you can see the sketch details.
#pigmamicron,  #uniball and #pentelbrushpen  on #strathmore bristol 17”x14″ paper

2559 / Ibagué roofs / Colombia

Live sketching: Ibagué roofs, Colombia, with the Master @dava22. It is always a pleasure sketching with you David! Thanks to all who have joined, I hope you can now see the sketch with the real colors.

You can check the Live at Dava’s feed on IGR.
#lamysafary and #roherandklinger ink on #smltart #stonebook
Pic : #galaxynote10plus #withgalaxy

2558 / Plaza de Sant Lluís Beltran / Valencia

Sketching at one of my favorite squares in Valencia: Plaza de Sant Lluís Beltran.
Can you see the line silhouette of the van that parked for a couple of minutes in front of me?
Swipe to the video 
#uniball and #pigmamicron on #smltart bristol A3 paper.
2h30m sketch
Pic : #galaxynote10plus #withgalaxy

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