1280 / Tricky Sunday siesta / Valencia

Siesta drawings are tricky, I start drawing them, thinking “this is a piece of cake comparing with all the people I´m used to draw” (not so quiet, I mean). But, then, the “siesta” people (although sleeping) suddenly move, always before the drawing is finished!

At the end, it is one of the most stressful “kind of drawing”, knowing I have to rush and finish it, running against time!

That is why I, this time, I made some process pictures, like this one, when the “model” started moving his legs and arms.


1209 / lecturing at Salerno / Italy

This morning, lecturing at Salerno. Thanks to the students of Salerno’s University of Architecture for inviting me to lunch and pay my bill…again! I’ve found nothing but nice people in this city!
One old lady made me the nicest comment ever: she said something like “I don’t know nothing about drawing but this one really transmits me nice emotions” (It sounded even better in Italian). As I said before, people are nice in Salerno.

We were drawing the Complesso archeologico di San Pietro a Corte.

By the way, the romanic tower was really inclined! (not a sketch error!)


1194 / 3 nice italians! / Cheste / Valencia

These 3 nice italians were drawn last weekend at the Classics&Legends at Cheste.

First I drew the front of Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Veloce (GTV) produced between 1965 and 1968, then, the rear of one of my favorite cars ever: the Alfa Romeo Sprint 1300 (this one was from 1962). The 60’s were really a great design decade!

Finally, at the top of the sketchbook, I started drawing the famous and powerful (390 hp) Ferrari Testarossa (1984-92). When I was child I loved this car, but now I find the Alfa much more attractive and glamorous!

hugo des 3-14 classics003r21-psi

Encontrei estes 3 belos italianos há umas semanas no Classics & Legends (Circuito de  Cheste).

Comecei por desenhar a frente do Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Veloce (GTV) produzido entre 1965 e 1968 e, em seguida, a parte traseira de um dos meus carros favoritos: o Alfa Romeo Sprint 1300 (este de 1962). Os anos 60 foram realmente uma grande década!

Finalmente, na parte superior do bloco, esbocei o famoso e poderoso (390 cv) Ferrari Testarossa (1984-1992). Na minha infancia, adorava este desportivo, agora, siceramente, acho os Alfa muito mais atraentes e fascinantes, até para desenhar!

1168 / 46 sketchcrawl at Patraix / Valencia // Spain

The sketchcrawl number 46 meeting was held yesterday at Patraix, Valencia. It was the most crowded sketchcrawl meeting in this city, since we started this sketching activity.

I was a bit nervous, because there was a lot of people chatting with me while I was drawing; as you can see in pic, I think that influenced me with the (bad) proportions of some parts of the sketch…


photo 3_UBIK_RLast night, drawing with my students at Ubik Cafe. Sadly, this was the last class of this subject. So, I decided to make it different, changing the regular class to this “drink and draw” from 22h00 to 02h00. I’m very pleased cause all the students responded enthusiastically!


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