2120 / “We The Animals” storyboard / from Utica to Park City

2 years ago, in NYC, I applied for an add asking for an “illustrator for a featuring movie”. The goal was making a storyboard (I had no idea how to do it!). That movie will be premiering in #sundancefilmfestival next Saturday!! This is a sketch of one of the houses where the the film was shot. On the other image, the amazing director Jeremiah Zagar, explaining the movie using part the storyboard I drew. #wtasundance2018 #wetheanimals

Há dois anos, em NYC, respondi a um anúncio que vi na escola onde estava a dar aulas. Esse anúncio colado na parede pedia “um ilustrador para um filme”. O objectivo era realizar um “storyboard” (que eu não sabia como fazer!) Esse filme foi seleccionado para o Festival de Sundance onde se projectará pela primeira vez no próximo sábado!

Este é um desenho de uma das casas onde se rodou o filme. Na seguinte imagem, o fantástico realizador, Jeremiah Zagar explica o filme usando parte do “storyboard” como base.

837 / Rua Sá da Bandeira / Porto


This is the vision I get, when I put the feet on the sidewalk, leaving from my house at Oporto: It is a strange combination of nice modern buildings from the middle XXs and the Neo classic church. All the constructions have a strong urban alignment, except the religious building, giving that corner a strange tension that is emphasized by the horizontal and vertical contrasting proportions of the other two buildings I love (both from great Portuguese architects).

The higher one, from the Architects Pádua Ramos and Carlos Loureiro, was the first large-scale structure in this city using reinforced concrete. The other is one from one of my favourite Portuguese architects: Arménio Losa.

2013-12-001_sa da bandeir_r_p copia

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