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Next weekend, one of the mythical taverns in Porto will close the door. At least I kept a couple of sketches I did there, in the paper tablecloth, while tasting a nice homemade fish and chatting with Sr. Sousa. Farewell “Adega do Olho”! Adeus!

People say here you can find the “best hot-dog in Porto”! When the owner realized I was sketching, asked me to draw him a “gazela” (gazelle). Finally, I gave him this sketch; i think he was happy 🙂

At Moma’s PS1 cafeteria. Nice schoolroom ambiance, it’s like having coffee in our old school! After all, The structure built in 1893, was originally the First Ward education building.


We can also find at Ridgewood this kind of neat, minimalist bars featuring white Eames chairs, and, the most important, a good cappuccino! The scenario was soundtracked by Easy-listening (not too bad)  and was framed by this huge bicep tattooed Italian dude, whose #yellow shirt matched perfectly with my bike on the background (the color I mean…)


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