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Yesterday evening I went for a stroll at one of the gardens of the neighborhood, where did a quick drawing of one of its alleys (central sketch). Then I stopped at the duck’s lake, where, I though I was drawing the birds with black ink ( it was very dark ). After arriving home, I realized that the ducks and swans at the notebook were actually red! I like the composition, anyway!hugo 10 14005_r25-ps

_hugo 10 14003_altea-campomanes_r25ps  ago_14_003_campomanes_dOne more try to define the composition using manly watercolor, only supported by a basic pencil geometry. That is totally different from what I used to do, painting forms after their (almost total) geometric definition. Hope you like it!

8 14006_paella_r_p_sThe best summer paella is always the one made slowly at home, like this one that Pablo did masterfully!

Off course it was a reaaly valencian paella, with rabbit and chicken meat, and the right “bomba” rice!

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