2587 / Favourite house at Vathi beach / Sifnos

Maybe my favourite spot to sketch at Vathi Beach: lovely buildings, nice shadow, sea breeze and benches to sit in, what more can we ask ?
I’ve done several sketches here, what’s your favorite? Slide to check the others.
#lamysafari and @rk.spain on #strathmore  sketch book

Pic #samsunggalaxynote10plus

2586 / Temple of Poseidon / Cape Sounion

At the breathtaking Temple of Poseidon. Amazing light, unfortunately not for the best reasons,  Greece was on fire 😦 . Tried to sketch it with 8b pencil (pic2) and pentel brushpen. What’s your favorite?
#pentelbrushpen on #smltart paper and 8b pencil on #hahnemühle sketchbook

2573/ Temple of  Olympian Zeus / Athens

Summer sketch at Athens. The impressive Temple of  Olympian Zeus and the Acropolis on the background.  It was so hot, I think my watercolors never got dry so fast! It was hard to work “wet on wet” in these conditions…
#lamysafari and @rk.spain on #hahnemühle sketch book

1131 / Santorini // Greece

An old one (2011), from Santorini, Greece. I´m glad to realize that my watercolor technic has improved since this sketch! I must return to this incredible island and paint it again!

HUGO santorini005_r25-ps

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