1173 / Drink and draw at the UPV / Valencia // Spain

I must admit I like to be alone at to my morning break meal at the University. I choose a good spot, and draw university folks!

My little sketchbook turns into a research tool, where I test materials, how to express values and lights. Then, my mind gets free, I forget all my troubles, and just draw…

On winter, at the terrace and under the sun , the pleasure gets double (almost everyday, I must say).

hugo des 2-15 _004_r22


1168 / 46 sketchcrawl at Patraix / Valencia // Spain

The sketchcrawl number 46 meeting was held yesterday at Patraix, Valencia. It was the most crowded sketchcrawl meeting in this city, since we started this sketching activity.

I was a bit nervous, because there was a lot of people chatting with me while I was drawing; as you can see in pic, I think that influenced me with the (bad) proportions of some parts of the sketch…


1157 / How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Foster? / Valencia // Spain

A couple of years ago, while I was interviewing Souto de Moura ( the Pritzker awarded portuguese architect ), he told me that “Valencia was the place where the best did the worse”. One of the examples he gave me to illustrate that sentence was this building of Mr. Norman Foster. After crossing it so many times, I finally stoped the car for 20 minutes and drew it!

hugo 01 15_006_foster_r22.psi

1136 / My vintage vespa / Carpesa // Spain

My Classic Vespa from 1972 is finally being restored. It was really hard to choose the color; finally, after a research (academic influencies?!), I found out that there were 4 original colors of this model in 1972. This yellow (Texas yellow) was one of them, I contacted a Fiat specialist painter (they work with the same color references as Piaggio) and gave him the Max Meyer original reference.

I’m waiting for years for the restoration, the mechanic phoned me, saying he was finally working on it! I wanted to make a lot of pictures when I saw that finally, the parts were being assembled, but, after one pic, my phone ran out of battery! Off course, I had my schmincke watercolor pan with me, along with all the painting gear to fix the problem (they never get out of battery)! The scooter was made in Italy, bought in Portugal and being restored at Spain! Looking forward to ride it again

! vespa-26-12-14-paquito_r22_psi

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