1071 / Largo São João Novo / Porto // Portugal


I have been out from the Blog for a couple of days, although I kept on sketching! I did this watercolor at Porto, during a Class/Sketch session for 15 German architecture students. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Julia Bargholz , from IGD – Institut für intermediale Gestaltung und Darstellung, Oldenburg, kindly invited me to share some of my works and communicate what I’ve learn from drawing  compulsively these last few years. I never refuse this kind of invitations! I hope It was as pleasant for them as it was for me!

Este fim de semana estive a desenhar no Porto a convite da Prof. Julia Bargholz , do Institut für intermediale Gestaltung und Darstellung, Oldenburg. Durante aula/sessão de desenho com os estudantes alemães, desenhamos alguns espaços da baixa, nomeadamente no Largo São João Novo, um dos meus largos favoritos no Porto, dominado pela elevada inclinação e pelo palácio atribuído a Nasoni.

998 / Plaza del Patriarca / Valencia // Spain

patriarca -7-14 001_rps patriarca -7-14 d rpsSin título-3











This Church (Iglesia del Patriarca) features my favorite frescos in Valencia. they were painted by the genovesi Bartolomeo Maturana (1573 – 1605).
As most of the times my preferred part of the drawing is the one that isn’t painted (the white poster).

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