2190 / Wall sketch / CTAV

Teamwork at the Architects Association. Train Station sketch I did a few days ago was scaled to a big wall! Thanks @senyora_martinez @quiquedr @rober6 and @fer.santiagom without your help it would had been imposible to finish it! .

2170 / Piazza Vecchia / Bergamo

Piazza Vecchia at #bergamo. The favorite square of Le Corbusier, they say! One of my favorite for sure, but I would maybe vote for Siena’s square (Il Campo) what do you think? #uniball and #pentelbrushpen on #cansonsketchbook

1702 / Lope de Vega Square + video  / Valencia 

Although this is one of my favorite places to sketch in Valencia, I didn’t draw it for a long time. I was sketching there for one hour, until a big crowd popped up for a wedding and occupied all the square. BTW Almost all of the girls were dressed in red or black, I could not miss a chance to paint some splash of color.

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